Sport halls

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System solutions for sport halls

Energy efficient and effective air conditioning systems and air distribution and diffusion elements, which guarantee an even supply of air in adequate amounts are very important in sport objects. A rational use of energy can be achieved by implementing up-to-date central control systems.  

Indoor Air quality

For sports halls and other large rooms, air conditioning elements with large throw distances are required. An excellent solution are supply air nozzles with thermostatic control which, dependent on the air temperature, automatically switch to a regime of heating or cooling.

Ventilating towers of various shapes and types are an efficient solution for air supply and air exhaust from the air handling systems in sports halls. The units are technically adapted to the individual building and they fit excellently into any contemporary sports building.

Energy management

We offer intelligent management of buildings using central supervisory control systems. Our solutions enable the remote control of water supply systems, monitoring and data collecting about the energy consumed and the permanent selection of the best energy source.