Shopping centers


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System solutions for shopping centers

Shopping centers require elaborate air distribution and air conditioning systems. Typical products for these kind of objects are slot diffusers, air displacement units and different kinds of air nozzles, which supply the air from custom-made air handling units. A top quality ventilation solution for restaurants in shopping centers is represented by Hidria GIF ventilated ceilings. A wide range of Hidria's heating and cooling units ensures a constantly pleasant temperature.  

Indoor air quality

For cooling of air in shopping centres we offer energy efficient, environmental friendly and custom made chillers that are Eurovent certified. They use the R410a and R134a ecological refrigerants and they are ranged in the A and A+ energy classes. We also offer advanced solutions for constant free-cooling in a complete range of external temperatures, night-time undercooling of media to -8oC and an innovative hydraulic module with three circular pumps.

In shopping centres, there are usually several fire protection zones. One of the key elements to assure active fire protection is a system with high quality fire and smoke dampers.

Energy management

We offer intelligent management of buildings using central supervisory control systems. Our solutions enable the remote control of water supply systems, monitoring and data collecting about the energy consumed and the permanent selection of the best energy source.